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    Negotiating Severance Pay Up Front

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Negotiating severance pay up-front requires that employees understand industry standards and can communicate why they want to negotiate. Watch this video to learn more about this highly effective tactic for protecting your employment.

    First, take a look at your company’s policy. For example, some organizations provide two weeks of severance pay for each three years of service. But if you are more advanced in your career and have recently moved on to a new company, you may want to expand these conditions. Consider how long it might realistically take you to find new employment, and begin with that date.

    Negotiating the terms of your employment ahead of time is always a safe bet. Unfortunately, you cannot ward off sexual harassment or on-the-job discrimination. If you have been treated unfairly, call the San Jose employment lawyers at the Advocacy Center For Employment Law today at (408) 600-1972.

    Understanding the Different Types of Harassment in the Workplace

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Unfortunately, a hostile work environment can include much more than just open sexual harassment or obvious discrimination. Employees may be subject to more subtle—but equally illegal—forms of unfair treatment like religious, ethnic, or gender discrimination. Equally concerning are retaliatory measures brought against staff members who report the offender. Protect yourself with this guide to different kinds of workplace harassment.

    Sexual Many people falsely believe that sexual harassment has to be overt and only affects women. But sexual harassment takes many forms, and both subtle and aggressive tactics can be used on men and women of any job description. Furthermore, even coworkers should not make any suggestive or sexual remarks, regardless of whether or not one is a supervisor. Even an offensive photograph or computer screen saver can qualify as sexual harassment.

    Gender Gender discrimination usually involves hiring a man over an equally qualified woman solely because of her gender, but gender harassment can also take more innocuous forms. For example, a woman may be belittled or otherwise made to feel inferior simply because she is a woman. In male-dominated industries, jokes about a woman’s ability to perform her job are sometimes all too common.

    Religious Employers are prohibited from treating any worker differently because of an affiliation with a particular religious group. Religious harassment can take the form of inappropriate comments, jokes about head coverings, facial hair, or footwear, or any commentary that isolates the individual because of her religion.

    Retaliation Retaliation occurs when an employer demotes, terminates, verbally harasses, or singles out an employee who does not submit to harassment or who files a discrimination complaint. Retaliatory measures are illegal, and no employee should feel intimidated or unable to report harassment to a supervisor.

    Your place of employment should be a safe and comfortable environment for all workers. If you have been the victim of any kind of harassment or discrimination, find out how the discrimination lawyers at the Advocacy Center For Employment Law can help by calling our San Jose practice at (408) 600-1972 today.

    Explore These Resources To Learn More About Sexual Harassment And Surviving Disciplinary Actions At Work

    Last updated 11 months ago

    No matter your field or position, you deserve to work in a professional environment where your rights are respected and upheld. These articles discuss what you need to know about employment law and your individual rights.

    • Before you are hired for any position in the state of California, it’s important to understand your rights as an employee. The State Bar of California outlines the rights of Californian workers.
    • The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines sexual harassment.
    • If you are the victim of sexual harassment, what is your legal recourse? The U.S. Department of State explains what steps to take after experiencing sexual harassment.
    • The Houston Chronicle reports on how to handle unfair treatment at work.
    • If you suspect that you may soon be disciplined at work, or if you have already received a reprimand or demotion, don’t hesitate to contact an employment lawyer. offers advice for those who experience unfair workplace discipline.

    The Advocacy Center For Employment Law can help you protect your employee rights. Our San Jose practice offers free consultations for individuals who believe they have been victimized by sexual harassment or unfair disciplinary actions. Call (408) 600-1972 to speak with a sexual harassment lawyer today.

    What Types of Workplace Behaviors Constitute Sexual Harassment?

    Last updated 11 months ago

    No matter if you are a man or woman, boss or intern, new worker or tenured employee, you have the right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is not only uncomfortable and stressful for those who experience it, but also illegal. If you’re the victim of sexual harassment, contact a sexual harassment lawyer to put a permanent end to this behavior before it escalates. The following offers a look at different types of sexual harassment.

    Gender Insults Are you constantly on the receiving end of inappropriate comments relating to your gender? Do your coworkers make frequent remarks that portray your sex in an unfavorable light? If so, you are the victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment involves far more than unwanted physical contact; it also includes degrading or insulting language about being a man or a woman.

    Demands for Sexual Favors Your job performance is the only pertinent factor that should determine your ability to climb the professional ladder. If your superior either infers or clearly states that you must perform sexual favors to attain a promotion or raise, his behavior is a form of sexual harassment. If you have experienced such a proposition, consult a sexual harassment lawyer for help.

    Inappropriate Verbal Engagement Romances sometimes blossom from workplace relationships. However, you should never tolerate unprofessional behavior from a coworker or superior if his or her feelings toward you are not reciprocated. If you must work in an environment where you are continually fending off unwanted gestures from another employee, speak to a sexual harassment lawyer about your legal options. Though some may consider it to be an innocent crush, it is sexual harassment, and you don’t deserve to stand for it.

    Let the Advocacy Center For Employment Law put an end to the sexual harassment you have been facing. For more information on how our employment law experts can protect you from illegal workplace behaviors, call our San Jose practice at (408) 600-1972. Together we can make your workplace a safe environment once more.

    Steven Cohn of Advocacy Center For Employment Law

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Though you may be legally dismissed with no cause in the state of California, you still have employee rights. This video explains how the Advocacy Center For Employment Law can help you in the event of a termination.

    Experiencing an unexpected termination can be an unsettling event. That’s why the Advocacy Center For Employment Law urges workers in the greater San Jose area to reach out for help. A wrongful termination lawyer can determine if you were legally dismissed. He can also ensure that you receive the unemployment benefits and positive job recommendation that you deserve.

    Don’t let a termination disrupt your career aspirations. Call the Advocacy Center For Employment Law at (408) 600-1972 to schedule a consultation with a wrongful termination lawyer at our San Jose office.

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