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    "Mr. Cohn is one of the most responsible attorney that you can see with a big heart"

    Last updated 9 months ago

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    • "I am kind of surprise to see these reviews here!!! Mr. Cohn is one of the most responsible attorney that you can see with a big heart. He helped me in my case and understood my situation without even talk about money..." Entire review on Yelp.

      Maryam M.

    Qualities to Look for In an Employment Lawyer

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Employment lawyers intervene when an individual has suffered sexual harassment or discrimination, retaliation, whistleblowing, or wrongful termination in the workplace. If you are being mistreated by your supervisor or coworkers, you deserve a lawyer who has experience negotiating, mediating, trying, and winning tough cases. Here are the qualities you should look for in an employment lawyer:

    Solid Credentials

    When you hire a lawyer for any reason, be sure to ask for his or her credentials. All lawyers must be admitted to your state’s bar, but many attorneys have also obtained extra credentials and specializations in certain fields of law. Your lawyer should also be able to provide you with a curriculum vitae that lists his or her education history, major publications, and awards.

    Personal Experience

    Before you hire an employment attorney to represent you, ask how much experience he or she has working with similar clients in similar situations. For example, a family lawyer or criminal defense attorney simply does not know how to fight against employment discrimination or understand the intricacies of state and federal laws against wrongful termination. Once you make sure your employment lawyer has successfully handled cases like yours, make sure he will be personally handling your case—not passing it off to a junior associate.

    Client Testimonials

    While big awards are usually the mark of a great lawyer, a reputable employment lawyer should be able to readily provide you with testimonials from satisfied clients. There are different areas of employment law, and not every lawyer has what it takes to successfully represent whistleblowers, victims of hostile work environments, and employees whose privacy has been violated.

    At the Advocacy Center For Employment Law, our lawyers have successfully concluded thousands of sexual harassment and hostile work environment, discrimination, and wrongful termination claims. For a lawyer with a proven track record who has what it takes to win, call our San Jose office at (408) 600-1972. You can also visit us online to learn more about our employment law services.

    Reasons to Work with the Advocacy Center For Employment Law

    Last updated 10 months ago

    If you need a lawyer who will stand up to sexual harassment, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination on your behalf, you deserve to work with the best. Lawyer Steven P. Cohen of the Advocacy Center for Employment Law has consistently been recognized as one of the top labor and employment lawyers in California. Mr. Cohen has been awarded the Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services in recognition of his outstanding legal contribution to the public good. He has been named by his peers as one of San Jose Magazine’s “Best of the Best Attorneys of Silicon Valley” more than ten times. He has also been inducted into British Sterling’s “Who’s Who” of Executives and Professionals, “Who’s Who” in American Law, “Who’s Who” in California, and “Who’s Who” in America.

    Being the victim of unfair hiring practices or on-the-job harassment leaves many people feeling understandably helpless. You need a lawyer who isn’t afraid to stand up to powerful interests and who has earned his reputation for fighting for California residents. Call the San Jose office of the Advocacy Center For Employment Law today at (408) 600-1972.

    Negotiating Severance Pay Up Front

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Negotiating severance pay up-front requires that employees understand industry standards and can communicate why they want to negotiate. Watch this video to learn more about this highly effective tactic for protecting your employment.

    First, take a look at your company’s policy. For example, some organizations provide two weeks of severance pay for each three years of service. But if you are more advanced in your career and have recently moved on to a new company, you may want to expand these conditions. Consider how long it might realistically take you to find new employment, and begin with that date.

    Negotiating the terms of your employment ahead of time is always a safe bet. Unfortunately, you cannot ward off sexual harassment or on-the-job discrimination. If you have been treated unfairly, call the San Jose employment lawyers at the Advocacy Center For Employment Law today at (408) 600-1972.

    Understanding the Different Types of Harassment in the Workplace

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Unfortunately, a hostile work environment can include much more than just open sexual harassment or obvious discrimination. Employees may be subject to more subtle—but equally illegal—forms of unfair treatment like religious, ethnic, or gender discrimination. Equally concerning are retaliatory measures brought against staff members who report the offender. Protect yourself with this guide to different kinds of workplace harassment.

    Sexual Many people falsely believe that sexual harassment has to be overt and only affects women. But sexual harassment takes many forms, and both subtle and aggressive tactics can be used on men and women of any job description. Furthermore, even coworkers should not make any suggestive or sexual remarks, regardless of whether or not one is a supervisor. Even an offensive photograph or computer screen saver can qualify as sexual harassment.

    Gender Gender discrimination usually involves hiring a man over an equally qualified woman solely because of her gender, but gender harassment can also take more innocuous forms. For example, a woman may be belittled or otherwise made to feel inferior simply because she is a woman. In male-dominated industries, jokes about a woman’s ability to perform her job are sometimes all too common.

    Religious Employers are prohibited from treating any worker differently because of an affiliation with a particular religious group. Religious harassment can take the form of inappropriate comments, jokes about head coverings, facial hair, or footwear, or any commentary that isolates the individual because of her religion.

    Retaliation Retaliation occurs when an employer demotes, terminates, verbally harasses, or singles out an employee who does not submit to harassment or who files a discrimination complaint. Retaliatory measures are illegal, and no employee should feel intimidated or unable to report harassment to a supervisor.

    Your place of employment should be a safe and comfortable environment for all workers. If you have been the victim of any kind of harassment or discrimination, find out how the discrimination lawyers at the Advocacy Center For Employment Law can help by calling our San Jose practice at (408) 600-1972 today.

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